To all parents with trans kids. Dysphoria is very real, and very hard to deal with. It can make the person feel worthless, and not like themselves. Theres two types of dysphoria, gender dysphoria, and body dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is where the person doesn’t feel comfortable with their assigned gender at birth. Body dysphoria is the hardest part, you don’t feel comfortable in your body and with your body parts. There are things you can do to help your transgender child such as, calling them by their preferred pronouns, if they are FTM; using correct masculine forms of words such as; handsome and son. If they are MTF; using correct feminine forms of words such as; beautiful, pretty, and daughter. If they are any other gender call them/use what they prefer! This all can greatly help to decrease gender dysphoria. To help with body dysphoria try getting them a binder, or a packer, or even let them get surgery if you can afford it.