What is Genderfluid?

Genderfluid is actually pretty simple. Your gender changes fluidly from different genders depending on who you are. Some stay with two, some have four, some have six. It really depends on the person.


How can you tell if someone is Genderfluid?

Well for starters you could just ask, it’s not a bad thing to do, so don’t worry. But if you are too nervous to ask, look at clothes, makeup/lack there of, listen for changes in voice too. These might all be changing fairly frequently.


How do i use correct pronouns for a gender fluid person?

Well, you can always ask. Some people who are Genderfluid prefer to go by certain pronouns no matter what, but some don’t. Again, you can look at clothes, voice, makeup, and attitude. ¬†Masculine clothing, He/Him. Feminine clothing and make up, she/her. Something in-between, they/them. If you’re not sure ask, and remember that they may also just express themselves in a masculine, feminine, or androgynous way.