How to cope with depression



Depression is  really hard thing to deal with, for anyone. I think some people don’t realize how bad it can be. Its not just feeling down for a few days, its worse. Its feeling helpless and hopeless and broken, and not ever thinking things will get better.

Depression is a very hard thing to have to deal with, at any age. 20% of all teens suffer from depression. And most don’t know ways to cope with it. These are a few ways that may help you cope



Try to get on a good sleep schedule. It helps a lot. When you get the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep. if you sleep too much or too little, it can make you feel drained, cause mood-swings, and other things that make you feel worse.


Eat better foods. Eat a little more healthy, you don’t need a diet, and you don’t need to be super healthy just try to eat more meats and healthy food. Some recommended foods are bananas, berries, salmon, green tea, and spinach.


Open a window! Its proven that sunlight and fresh air can improve mental health and happiness. If it’s rainy or gloomy out, try to turn on some bright lights inside and do something fun that can keep your mind off of things.


Try to go out and spend more time with your friends. If they are true friends they will help or at least try to help you with what you’re going through. Being in healthy relationships where you really value each other can be amazing for mental health.


Art is a great way to take all of your feelings out. Its a way to express them without having to explain yourself. Whether it be through music, visuals, or something completely different,  just try to let it all out in a safe, nondestructive way.


Having pets, or going to see animals are a great coping mechanism, you can even get emotional support animals. Taking care of an animal can also be amazing incentive to get out of bed in the morning, and it can help to know something is relying on you.

Depression is not easy to deal with but always remember that you are loved by someone, even if it doesn’t seem like it.